So you should not be beautiful if you want to be beautiful.

Absolutely all women want to be beautiful. To do this, they apply makeup daily on the face and with confidence come out. But do girls suspect that their technique may be wrong? Most do not notice this, because there are a number of reasons. Far from all can objectively evaluate their appearance. For example, applying […]

Fashion after 50: what can and cannot be

Reaching the 50-year milestone, almost all women feel stressed about the fact that they don’t know how beautiful and stylish look. Because in youth we dared to wear, and virtually no restrictions in clothes. At this age already it is necessary to consider their status and dress in accordance with it. In fact, after 50 […]

5 types of brows that look ridiculous and make you look older

Properly applied makeup is intended to emphasize a woman’s natural beauty, or make her image unforgettable. But often women forget about the sense of proportion, thereby giving myself ten years to age, and even look at it funny and ridiculous. Special attention in daily manner, should be paid to design eyebrows and correct their make-up. […]

How not to be considered a provincial: 5 aspects of urban style

Many girls who move to the metropolis want to immediately join the environment and create an image for themselves that would make it clear to those around them that they did not come from the provinces, but on the contrary, have lived a chic metropolitan life since birth. Such girls try so hard to look […]

Tricks of Hollywood beauties, which should be adopted by each

Hollywood actresses have always amazed with their impeccable appearance not only on the red carpet, but also on random paparazzi snapshots in everyday life. Although most ordinary girls do not shine in front of hundreds of cameras, this does not prevent them from showing off in the ordinary, using techniques whose rules stars happily share […]

The correct closet for sizes 52+: choose your jacket

With the onset of cold weather each girl begins to select the top clothes. Winter and autumn also want to look stylish and beautiful. It is particularly difficult able full girls. Not all clothes well suited for every figure. Even if you like the design, not necessarily this jacket will fit you like a glove. […]

6 perfect dresses for fully girls

Women in the body is difficult to find clothing, many make the fatal mistake of wearing things oversized, and this is making the silhouette even more massive. Others choose tight model, thereby exposing the flaws. The right choice of clothes may adjust features of the figure and hide flaws. For full girls the secrets of […]

Unusual makeup tricks to help you look fresh and beautiful.

Perfect makeup techniques can master everything, but sometimes even this is not enough to get a great look. Signs of lack of sleep or fatigue are difficult to disguise with ordinary makeup. Most make-up artists do not talk about secret tricks they use. It is not necessary to take professional makeup courses in order to […]

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