10 ways to make yourself look much younger

Eyes — one of the first places where the first signs of aging. Since the skin around this region is 50% thinner than on the rest of the face, it is a delicate flower which needs proper care. Bags under the eyes, dark circles and puffy eyes — all this makes your face older. Fortunately, […]

How to adapt fashion trends to a woman after 45: tame pants

Dear readers! Today I want to show you interesting images for the winter and the cold season. Each combination I suggest includes pants or jeans. Consider which pants were presented at Fashion Weeks and how they can actually be worn on our winter days. 1. Cropped trousers at high waist Fashion houses most often chose […]

Natural face masks for female beauty: renew youth

Ahead of the Christmas holidays and everyone wants to look beautiful, everyone is trying to put in order the skin, hair, nails. There are many homemade beauty recipes that work well, you need to understand that to immediately look younger using homemade masks is impossible, but to refresh and moisturize the skin is possible. By […]

Tips on how to choose lipstick with the best color

Dear readers! Today we will discuss the choice of lipstick for lips that will look great with any look. All of these tips, I checked myself when choosing your perfect lipstick color. If you have blond hair (bleached), we advise you to pay attention to lipstick coral-pink color, after a long search I settled on […]

5 style taboos for New Year’s corporate party

Even if a woman does not have a wardrobe, but a whole dressing room of things, it often happens that she has absolutely nothing to wear, especially at a festive event. We will not postpone the decision of such an important issue as the choice of dress for the New Year’s corporate party in the […]

20 tricks for the perfect makeup

Dear readers! Today I want to tell you twenty Lithgow makeup you’ve had for a few months (got it from the Internet and tried it on all). Confidently declare that each of them helps to improve their daily makeup and cope with possible problems that arise during the day. Read also: Lessons daily makeup on […]

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