20 tricks for the perfect makeup

Dear readers! Today I want to tell you twenty Lithgow makeup you’ve had for a few months (got it from the Internet and tried it on all). Confidently declare that each of them helps to improve their daily makeup and cope with possible problems that arise during the day.

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20 tricks for the perfect makeup

1. Apply a lip balm over lipstick

Ensure that your lipstick does not dry out during the day, at the center of the lips will be enough to put a transparent balm, which will protect the makeup.

20 tricks for the perfect makeup

2. Use a cotton swab when applying makeup

Cotton swab with micellar water – salvation from any mistakes when applying eyeliner or bright lipstick. Put some cotton swabs in my daily makeup bag that you carry in your purse.

3. If you don’t have brow gel – take transparent lip balm instead

20 tricks for the perfect makeup

Apply balm on an old mascara brush and apply to the eyebrows to give the hair the desired shape.

4. Apply concealer the most “weak” finger

Normal this finger is nameless. Spread concealer under the eyes, gently hammering into the skin.

5. Wet the brush before applying eyeshadow

20 tricks for the perfect makeup

This will help extend the “life” of shadows, and due to its water based they will not roll down from the eyelids after a few hours after application.

6. Draw the letter “C” highlighter

To look more fresh, apply a highlighter under the eyebrows, outer corner of the eye and apply to exposed areas of the cheeks. Should be a little slanted letter “s”.

7. Don’t neglect luminizer

20 tricks for the perfect makeup

Thin brush draw them the line running from the inner corner of the eye to the outside directly under the pencil. And don’t forget to brighten the inner corner. These actions will make your eyes much more.

8. Change brushes

I always apply lipstick with a concealer brush. It is more beveled, has fewer hairs and, in principle, is not as large. It is especially convenient to paint over the corners of the lips.

20 tricks for the perfect makeup

9. Don’t forget about cleansing brushes

It does not need to buy special tools. I clean my brushes every 3-4 days with a cotton pad and means for removing makeup.

20 tricks for the perfect makeup

I saw a cool idea where to put the brush)

10. Apply two coats of mascara

In order to enhance and lengthen your lashes, try to paint over them from the line of hair growth. Apply two coats – this mascara will lift and lengthen lashes.

11. Use three shades of eye shadow when doing makeup “Smokey eyes”

Lighter shade, I always paint closer to the inner corner of the eye, medium color for shading in the middle, and the darkest in the outer corner (he must form a position on the side of the letter V).

12. Experiment with colors of concealers

Green will help to get rid of acne marks and redness, red – from dark circles under the eyes.

20 tricks for the perfect makeup

13. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle a makeover with a special spray

Fixing spray is now represented in many brands of cosmetics. Use it to fix makeup. No one remedy applied on your face will not change its structure due to the impact of the spray.

14. Eye drops will help get rid of acne

If you have acne or small pimples and – drop them remedy for eye blood vessels. It will greatly reduce the redness and the outbreak of infection.

15. Don’t neglect contouring

Follow the contouring of the nose and cheeks to reduce the proportions of the face. Don’t overdo the hue of means you use to darken and blend both liquid and powder coating.

16. Make it a habit to use curler

20 tricks for the perfect makeup

Curler for lashes is a special tool that significantly curl the hairs. Use it according to instructions before you apply mascara.

17. Lay the hair before applying makeup

This rule saves me from smearing caused due to the hair after makeup. In addition, coming from the tools you use on your hair, the heat can change the structure of the deposited on the face means.

18. Don’t be afraid to apply with your fingers

If you don’t want to get a bright, clear outline of the lips – apply lipstick with your finger. The same applies to illuminiser, highlighter, eye shadow and blush.

19. If you drew a broad arrow on the eyes – apply eye shadow the same shade on top

20 tricks for the perfect makeup

Shadows can have any structure, but it would be better if you choose the compressed option. Shadow “hold” the liner in place.

20. Always remember the tools that you apply to the makeup

This can be as a primer and a day cream that contains SPF. Do not apply makeup on clean, unprotected face.

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I hope the above tips will simplify your daily make-up-routine. Thank you very much for your likes and comments! I read each of your Board and develop your blog to meet your expectations

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