5 common mistakes in underwear, which make a

Today let’s talk about how to pick the right bra and bottoms, fashionable models of the new season and where to buy elegant lingerie at the most good prices.

Material created with support of the festival of underwear, which will be held in Moscow Lingerie Fashion Week. There are free tickets here

What bras should be in the Arsenal of every modern woman?

1. Smooth Nude and black бюстгальтер2. Black кружевной3. Sports model for фитнеса4. Bra without бретелей5. Бралетт6. A sexy bra for special occasions

5 common mistakes in underwear, which make a

Tip: do Not wear under the dress, bustier, bra with transparent straps, they glisten in the sun and looks horrible, wearing a model of the bust without straps.

Find your perfect model bra very difficult and we suggest to every woman at least once in their life to take advantage of bra-fitting. You’ve heard of it?

Bra-fitting is a science about the correct selection of underwear. In General, this theme, when an expert helps you choose the underwear that suddenly you nice rounds in some areas and tighten in others. And it is very comfortable sitting.

To find a really competent specialist in this area you will be in Moscow from 3 to 5 November at the great festival of underwear that will collect the best linen in the world in one place. It’s called Lingerie Fashion Week, but it’s not quite like for fashion. In General, there is no such fervour; it is rather a show-program in half, with the atmosphere of a bachelorette party and a huge hall boutiques:

Why this event is worth a visit all: you will get the opportunity to choose and see in one place the linen from all over the world in boutiques, attend workshops, receive invaluable services befitting, look to mammologist and calm down for a long time, plus to enjoy the shows. In General, this is the day when we can feel cozy, comfortable and very special holiday.

To get a free ticket here

Screenings, workshops and evening program entrance fee

What bottoms should be in the Arsenal of every modern woman?

1. Cotton bottoms every day2. Seamless 3. Thong bodily цвета4. Tight-fitting swimming trunks for critical дней5. Sexy lace panties

5 common mistakes in underwear, which make a

Many women commit 5 dangerous mistakes with underwear:

1. Thong every day

Frequent wearing of thongs increases the likelihood of infection. This model heats makes it easier for the bacteria E. coli (which normally live in the gut), the path to the vagina it can lead to infection of the bladder.

5 common mistakes in underwear, which make a

ru.depositphotos.com 2. Wearing underwear made of the wrong fabrics

Wearing panties made of silk and synthetic fabrics allow moisture to accumulate in the crotch area, creating the perfect breeding environment for yeast and bacteria.

5 common mistakes in underwear, which make a

3. The use of aggressive washing means for washing underwear

Choose mild detergents containing no fragrance, no phosphates. Powders and fragrant air conditioning is not always good vypolaskivat, it can lead to irritation.

4. Do not change underwear after exercise

As we mentioned above, yeast and bacteria thrive in moist, warm environment. Be sure to take a shower after a workout and wear clean, dry underwear.

5 common mistakes in underwear, which make a

ru.depositphotos.com 5. Wearing a too tight swimming trunks

Bottoms must be the correct size, not too tight and not too large.

Women are often faced with the fact that I can not find perfectly fitting lingerie. The same size from different manufacturers sitting in different ways and often we choose a model that is not suitable for breast shape and size.

5 common mistakes in underwear, which make a

I advise everyone to visit the festival of Lingerie Fashion Week, which contains 120 different brands in one place! Here you would find colorful shows are like performances, only about beautiful lingerie. Each day will for 3 show: you can see the beautiful choreography and directorial work. It’s like going to the theatre, only much more erotic! Every night a special show with a gorgeous buffet.

Still have free tickets, you can pick up here

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