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What coloring makes your image more expensive

Almost every girl at least once in my life dyed her hair. Many no longer represent their lives without regular dyeing, but do you know which colors will make your image more refined and expensive? Good staining will not only emphasize facial features, but also be appropriate in all cases. Acid, bright or excessively unnatural […]

8 reasons why your skin hates you

Skin is the main indicator of health and beauty. Women are trying with all their might to keep her good appearance for many years. But there are some actions that on the contrary spoil and age it. Because of such problems, our beauty is being questioned. It is important to be informed in order to […]

Choosing the perfect bag: 5 fatal errors

At first glance, the selection of handbags is not so difficult, because this clothes that does not need to measure and pick up on the figure. So often women do not give importance to the right choice of accessory. But well-chosen handbag or clutch may make the overall impression even if you simple and plain […]

6 mistakes when applying shadows that can ruin the whole makeover

Many women believe that there is nothing difficult in applying shadow. However, often in the course of our experiments we make a lot of mistakes. After using the wrong technique or the palette of shades, it is not the appearance, who would want a girl. Before you begin to paint, you need to responsibly approach […]

Perfect festive dresses for women age

Holiday party – a great opportunity to wear a beautiful dress and be on top. For every girl it is important to find the ideal dress for the celebration and Mature ladies is no exception. The most important to first consider the shape and style. You should understand your body type and what styles more […]

Makeup mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Proper makeup application is extremely important. Every girl wants to always be beautiful and unique, and make-up can help with this. In pursuit of beauty, girls often make stupid mistakes. With this article we will help you learn how to paint perfectly. 1. Applying eye shadow after mascara This is the first mistake in the […]

3 colors you can’t wear gray with

The color of clothes can tell a lot about her owner. He will reveal the secrets of her taste preferences, the ability to competently create an image, and of course, he will describe in all colors the mood with which the lady “came out”. In the view of many ladies, gray is associated with a […]

Fashion after 50: what can and cannot be

Reaching the 50-year milestone, almost all women feel stressed about the fact that they don’t know how beautiful and stylish look. Because in youth we dared to wear, and virtually no restrictions in clothes. At this age already it is necessary to consider their status and dress in accordance with it. In fact, after 50 […]

Haircuts for women after 45, how to get a haircut

The woman is beautiful at any age, but despite this, women hiding their age and want to look younger. Of course, that not a hair can significantly refresh the age and to shed a few unwanted short years. How to find the right hairstyle in 2018 Any fashion trend can not unambiguously dictate that suits […]

6 compulsory items of clothing for women over 50

At a young age to be at the peak of popularity is not too difficult, after all, a young body looks beautiful. After reaching a certain age should have to consider your status and features of the figure. Not all the clothes we wore in my youth, fit in 50 years. If some things without […]

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