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A full guide on fashion top clothes for the Russian winter

In late autumn every girl faces the problem of choosing the winter clothes. In warm time of the year to dress with style is not difficult, but winter is another matter. How to look beautiful when the body of the many layers of clothing and a scarf covering half his face? We will prove you […]

12 cool haircuts 2019 for any type of hair

Every girl always wants to be in trend. This applies to both clothing and hairstyles. 2019 new year will bring us a little creativity, but the main trends continue from past years. As the saying goes, everything new is forgotten old. The same goes for the hairstyles of the next season. However, some items will […]

3 rules of well-groomed eye makeup

The best way of correcting the appearance is traditionally considered makeup. It allows you to hide most of the shortcomings and turn you from a gray mouse into a beautiful lady. Correct application technique, and well-chosen cosmetics will help you look like the cover of the magazine. Each area of the face requires a special […]

How not to be considered a provincial: 5 aspects of urban style

Many girls who move to the metropolis want to immediately join the environment and create an image for themselves that would make it clear to those around them that they did not come from the provinces, but on the contrary, have lived a chic metropolitan life since birth. Such girls try so hard to look […]

Spring 2019: what will be fashionable to wear

In the modern world, when a first impression is made of looks and clothes, it is very important to keep track of stylish novelties. As you know, fashion is cyclical, and many clothing options come back to us from the past. Fashionable colors of spring 2019 will delight in brightness and originality. The most relevant […]

Tips furrier or 5 rules when choosing a fur coat

Winter is on the doorstep and very soon ladies will wear beautiful coats and how many would not say that the coat lost its relevance this season, for the Russian winter is the most popular and favorite outerwear. And for those who are just going for a luxurious new channel has prepared a visual cheat […]

The most fashionable down jackets in the year of the pig

Down jackets are the most popular winter clothing. This is a great alternative to coats, parks and coats. Contrary to popular belief, down jackets are very versatile and are combined with any clothing. There are plenty of options for down jackets for every taste. Year of the dog will please us with bright colors and […]

6 “fad” untended woman

Most women do not distinguish between real beauty and grooming. This is the most important factor, without which even in fashionable designer clothes with professional makeup you will not look beautiful. Inability to look after yourself is the main mistake of some women. Therefore, their beauty is not visible to others, because they can not […]

Pixie haircut 2019: 15 the trend of new products

Long hair has always been an attribute of femininity. But times change, and so now even ultra-short haircut well accentuate the facial features and gives the image of tenderness. Pixie haircut adorns ladies who have an active life position, they are confident and successful. This hairstyle is loved by girls because of its versatility. It […]

Beauty secrets of models, of which few have heard

Every time I see perfect models on TV or on the covers of fashion magazines, many women are jealous of their beauty. How do they manage to always look your best? Because their work is very tedious, their hair is constantly repainted for new impressions, and the code suffers from a number of cosmetics. Grooming […]

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