How to adapt fashion trends to a woman after 45: tame pants

Dear readers! Today I want to show you interesting images for the winter and the cold season. Each combination I suggest includes pants or jeans. Consider which pants were presented at Fashion Weeks and how they can actually be worn on our winter days.

How to adapt fashion trends to a woman after 45: tame pants

1. Cropped trousers at high waist

Fashion houses most often chose just such a model of trousers as the leading item of the winter collection. This season, these pants are presented in different variations: shortened, with a belt-bow, with huge pockets, of a very bright color or, on the contrary, of a natural, “calm” shade. How can such a thing be adapted to the Russian winter?

If you choose cropped pants on a high landing – most likely you will need to adjust the line of outerwear that you most often wear. The right length is important here, the most winning is the length above the knee.

Combine these pants with a short down jacket or avtoledi fur coat. Wear a warm sweater, a silk blouse, a large knit cardigan under outerwear. Shoes under these pants are better to choose low and with heels – ankle boots, boots, classic chelsea.

2. Leather pants

Pants made of colored leather, are now at the peak of popularity. However, this model is not suitable for all women. Despite the fact that on the catwalk were presented as fitting leather jeans at a high waist, and models of pipes, domestic stylists do not recommend blindly follow the trend.

How to adapt fashion trends to a woman after 45: tame pants

Want to find an application to fashion trends in real life? Look for leather pants of an unusual color. In the mass market now you can find leather jeans or sandy pants, light blue, gray or white. Such models usually have a high waist (and this is the unconditional trend of the autumn-winter season) and at the same time does not fit the legs.

These pants will look good with a fur coat or a voluminous down jacket (jacket-marshmallow). Try on shoes without a heel or a chelsea on a small wide heel to see which shoes will look best with this model of trousers. Mix leather pants with unusual textures of fabric, light things, tops with voluminous elements.

How to adapt fashion trends to a woman after 45: tame pants

3. Jeans with various decorative elements

Classic jeans in dark blue or blue this season have been complemented by fairly simple décor elements. Some models were decorated with small stripes, some – with the “torn” edges of the legs. In the trend are wide turns, which allow to reduce the length of the pants, while remaining stylish.

Fashionable jeans of the season autumn-winter 2018-2019 are made in one color. Pants can have rough, as if torn edges, or be tucked. Combine jeans with your favorite winter shoes (except the classic “Russian” boots to the ankle).

Do not forget the belt! A wide leather model will not only “fit” the jeans at the waist, but also give a special gloss to the whole image. It looks interesting combination of jeans with a knitted sweater, tucked in front of the belt.

How to adapt fashion trends to a woman after 45: tame pants

Especially cool jeans look along with trendy sneakers (you can find warm options for winter) or high ugg boots, voluminous down jacket, sweaters, under which a long “rough” shirt is worn.

Write in the comments your proposal for the “adaptation” of catwalk trends to real life!

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