4 tips for choosing the best haircut, depending on age

Appearance never stays the same. At 40, you have a completely different style than at 20. At a young age, you can easily experiment with colors, hair lengths and, of course, different styles, but as you grow up you need a haircut that demonstrates maturity and seriousness. This is a good time to say goodbye […]

Instagram fashion of the week: stylish images for every day from top bloggers

Current fashion increasingly dictated not by glossy magazines and fashion bloggers, followed by millions of subscribers. Their stylish images interesting to consider and they skillfully adapt the fashion trend for street style. The channel picked the most interesting Luke week from bloggers who want to copy, get inspired and dress up) Pastel colors from the […]

Perfect festive dresses for women age

Holiday party – a great opportunity to wear a beautiful dress and be on top. For every girl it is important to find the ideal dress for the celebration and Mature ladies is no exception. The most important to first consider the shape and style. You should understand your body type and what styles more […]

Fashion natural: 6 of the rules of the “makeover without makeup”

Every woman strives to perfect her appearance. Assistance in this comes to makeup, however, not everyone knows the important nuances in its creation. Perfect make-up is, if it doesn’t effect the mask hides all the flaws and irregularities of the skin. In the lists of fashion trends have an active stance “slight negligence,” but it […]

Pixie haircut 2019: 15 the trend of new products

Long hair has always been an attribute of femininity. But times change, and so now even ultra-short haircut well accentuate the facial features and gives the image of tenderness. Pixie haircut adorns ladies who have an active life position, they are confident and successful. This hairstyle is loved by girls because of its versatility. It […]

A full guide on fashion top clothes for the Russian winter

In late autumn every girl faces the problem of choosing the winter clothes. In warm time of the year to dress with style is not difficult, but winter is another matter. How to look beautiful when the body of the many layers of clothing and a scarf covering half his face? We will prove you […]

8 traits of women of the highest class

Women of high class is not only perfect appearance, clothes and makeup. The woman is a person who shows wisdom and character in many things of everyday life. Such women primarily love my life and do everything to improve its quality through self-improvement. Everyone wants to know the secrets of these girls, which we expand […]

8 things every Scorpio should have in their wardrobe

Girls who are interested in astrology, want to know every detail about your zodiac sign. This applies to clothing, because each sign belongs to a certain type of character that people will choose your wardrobe. The most powerful of all zodiac signs, Scorpio – a solid set of contradictions. It is characterized by passion, stealth, […]

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