Must-have shoes fall-winter 2018-2019: how to save

Every girl always wants to keep up with the times and dress according to the latest fashion trends. But they, unfortunately, are not always available for our budget. But this does not mean that we can not afford them. The article selected 5 low-cost options for the popular shoes of the season. In autumn-winter 2018-2019, […]

5 insidious mistakes while wearing ankle boots

Ankle boots are fashionable modern and favorite shoes of the majority of female owners, but unfortunately, not every woman can wear and match them properly. The main mistake is that it is undesirable to wear them with girls with short legs, since ankle boots emphasize the line at the level of the ankle, and visually […]

6 compulsory items of clothing for women over 50

At a young age to be at the peak of popularity is not too difficult, after all, a young body looks beautiful. After reaching a certain age should have to consider your status and features of the figure. Not all the clothes we wore in my youth, fit in 50 years. If some things without […]

8 reasons why your skin hates you

Skin is the main indicator of health and beauty. Women are trying with all their might to keep her good appearance for many years. But there are some actions that on the contrary spoil and age it. Because of such problems, our beauty is being questioned. It is important to be informed in order to […]

Younger: 8 fashionable shades against gray

At all times, women wanted to look beautiful, however, with age it is becoming more and more difficult. This is due to the manifestation of signs of old age, such as gray hair. Reaching a certain age, you should know exactly which shades can make you visually younger, and which ones you should refrain from […]

7 chips in make-up for thin lips

Almost all women dream of having plump sensual lips. Their alluring look always detains all attention. However, not everyone knows that this effect is created not only due to the innate success, but also due to the competent selection of makeup and techniques for its implementation. Thin lips really worry many of their owners. To […]

Tips furrier or 5 rules when choosing a fur coat

Winter is on the doorstep and very soon ladies will wear beautiful coats and how many would not say that the coat lost its relevance this season, for the Russian winter is the most popular and favorite outerwear. And for those who are just going for a luxurious new channel has prepared a visual cheat […]

Best lipstick MAC 2018

To date, no girl can not do without lipstick. We are all the time looking for a new beautiful and appropriate shade. There are countless different brands for every wallet. A decent place in the global market is occupied by Mac lipstick. Among such a wide range of shades it is easy to get lost. […]

Fashion trends that will be relevant even after 20 years

Some trends remain popular after many years. For several generations, they can wear the same style of clothing while keeping pace with the times. Many things we love now were also preferred by our mothers and grandmothers. Only minor details change. Due to the cyclical fashion, you do not need to constantly buy a new […]

What shoes should be in every woman’s wardrobe

If what should be wear in the basic wardrobe quite clear, what should be the basic shoes? This issue is fully disclosed in the article. There is no point to buy every pair of shoes, it is better to choose wisely every. When buying you should consider, will it be combined with other things advance […]

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