The story of how Saint Nicholas became Santa Claus and Santa Claus

My family has a long tradition. 19 Dec we share with each other in good spirits with smiles and gifts and also get together in the evening to the fragrant mug of hot tea in a warm and pleasant company, good news and joyful events. It’s like a little rehearsal for the upcoming Christmas holidays. I want to tell you why my family is so revered to this day.

Santa Claus, Joulupukki, Pere Noel, Jultomte – all names for the same well-known and much-loved character, which in our country we know as Santa Claus. It turns out that the good father Christmas has a real prototype – St. Nicholas, one of the most popular Christian patrons. On December 19, the day of his memory, begins a series of long-awaited winter holidays. According to believers, a miracle worker blesses the people and their property, a refuge from the destructive forces of winter.

The story of how Saint Nicholas became Santa Claus and Santa Claus

In countless legends that have survived to our times, he appears as a man with a broad mind, made a lot of good deeds. He was born in the Turkish city of Patara in the year 257. Orphaned early, and after receiving the inheritance, he began to help those in need.

Widely circulated one story associated with St. Nicholas. One of the ruined merchant in order to improve their business, wanted to send his three beautiful daughters to sell themselves. Saint Nicholas saved them from disgrace and plight, throwing late in the evening to the window with the bags of coins. One of them happened to be in the stocking. There is a perception that is born Christmas tradition to hang stockings by the fireplace and socks for the morning to find them gifts. According to another legend, secretly helping people, he threw the money into the chimney. Hence arose the belief that father Christmas enters the house via the chimney.

The story of how Saint Nicholas became Santa Claus and Santa Claus

Since ancient times, December 19, is considered a children’s holiday. On this day, children receive gifts from St. Nicholas. In Northern European countries it was decided to write to him the message with their wishes.

In Russia St. Nicholas day marks the beginning of winter and Christmas time. He held noisy and fun. Hospitable Nikolsky, the fair was accompanied by festivals. A rich feast, a mandatory attribute which loaf was collected at a large table not only all relatives, but friends, neighbors. This meal symbolized the universal forgiveness and reconciliation: this is the day to make new friends and reconciled with old ones.

The story of how Saint Nicholas became Santa Claus and Santa Claus

At the evening youth get-togethers is rapidly preparing for the Christmas: sewn masks, costumes, rehearsed Christmas carols. Girls who wanted to marry, Nikola wondered, wanting to know who would be their intended. Also conducted rituals to attract good luck and prosperity.

The story of how Saint Nicholas became Santa Claus and Santa Claus

The feast of St. Nicholas symbolizes the belief in miracles, the fulfillment of your dreams. What can you give this child? Wanting to please him, remember the good start of the holiday. It doesn’t have to be toys related to military subjects. Suitable educational Board games, puzzles, sets for children’s creativity, books. For those who are older, are interesting gadgets, for example, such a useful device, as an e-book. Little travelers will be impressed by an interactive world map. Good mood will bring skis, skates, snowboard.

Let this bright and affectionate holiday will fill your home with comfort and warmth and will become your new family tradition

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